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Movement Coach, Carol Pirika can guide you through that change so you can achieve your goals! Offering simple tools, no matter how limited your mobility, you can enhance your quality of life through improved movement. Our facilities are mobility friendly and offer clients support and encouragement in a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Move, Feel and Live better today!

Movement coaching enables you to improve how you move, feel and live using a personalised journey led by YOU! We offer simple tools, no matter how limited your mobility, which you can use anywhere at anytime to form the foundation of fluid movement.


 About CP Movement

When you decide to make the change, we have a chat so we can best understand what you wish to achieve. Looking at what you can do in your current movement, we develop a plan with you to improve the areas you wish to address. Having fun is an absolute priority!


Client testimonials

“I have primary progressive MS and find walking extremely difficult and was recommended exercising. I have been working with Carol for the past 9 months, she has been very supportive helping me with diet, gently getting me through exercise, helping with circulation to my feet and feeling positive about myself. Thank you Carol! I feel energised and well!

Sue Kenny, Upper Hutt

“Since meeting Carol after having my first knee replacement, she has coached and taught me how to listen to my body. I was unable to walk comfortably after my first knee replacement and with Carol’s help and guidance she has taught me how to walk without a limp. Carol does not judge people, she accepts them as they are and treats them with respect. Carol is always smiling and gives positive reinforcement of what you are doing…

Adrienne Whiteman

“I was first referred to Carol by my physiotherapist. I was needing to find someone who could help me with quite a specific physical, and for me difficult, challenge. To her I wasn’t someone with a disability trying to achieve something. First and foremost I was an athlete in training, no special treatment, no easy way out, no excuses. I told her I needed to get over that mountain and she fully prepared me to get over that mountain…”

Richard Warwick

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