Carol Pirika – Movement Coach

Ko Tararua te maunga (My mountain is Tararua) 

Ko Ohau te awa (My river is Ohau)

Ko Kikopiri te whare (My house is Kikopiri)

Ko Ngati Raukawa te iwi (My tribe is Ngati Raukawa)

The above brief pepeha (introduction) relates to my Maori roots. I am also of the McCarrison clan originating from Ireland/Scotland.

I was born here in Upper Hutt, but spent many years living away from NZ and travelling the world, eventually settling in Melbourne, Australia. Having my first child away from home made me super homesick, so my Australian husband Roger and I moved back to NZ so we could be close to my enormous family! I am the eldest of six children, with blended families, we literally epitomise the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” as our family is large, loud and full of laughter and love. My favourite times to spend are with my family. I have two beautiful children Matehaere and Mahia and 2 dogs, Moe and Toffee. I am passionate about loving life – in all the many forms it comes in and my goal is to turn our current house into a productive organic farm which will not just feed us, but feed those around us and those in our community. Using it as a learning tool for the kids to be connected with food and native bush. I absolutely love cooking and eating!

I left the corporate world and re-educated as a Fitness Professional in 2008. This came about after spending 3 years restoring pain free movement and recovering from adrenal fatigue as a result of a car accident. The tools I developed, and the support network of people who guided me through restoration and recovery, motivated and inspired me to share this with the community. Hearing the approaches other people had experienced when recovering from chronic pain or health challenges made me realise I had been very fortunate to have the support network I did around me. I had felt listened to, valued and cared for at a time I really needed it, and I wanted to be able to share this same experience with others.

I commenced my qualifications at the Australia Institute of Fitness in 2008 and set my Melbourne based business up at Fitness First. It was there at Fitness First I experienced Whole Body Vibration when it first hit Australia. I quickly understood the affect this could have for many people and to this day, I continue to use it where I can.

I undertake regular professional development and have been fortunate enough to find mentors, coaches and peers I connect with, who bring the best out of me, enabling me to be the best version of myself. They have all guided me through my journey, enabling me to find, refine and improve my craft as a practitioner. I love being able to share this vision and experience with the people I meet, and find it hugely rewarding to see clients achieve changes they never thought possible, building up a support network which fosters sustainable lifestyle change.

So….If you’re reading this, are you looking for a change? Doing something, one thing, no matter how small, could change the trajectory of your life.

Give me a call, let’s have a chat.


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