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Quote markQuote mark 2I can’t say enough about Carol and the work she has done with me to help bring me back to health after a terribly stressful year. Her humour, flexibility and care as well as hope that things can get better is just great. Thank you Carol.
Vanessa Harvey

Quote markQuote mark 2When I first started going to Carol in July 2013, I was suffering from extreme back pain due to growing and having scoliosis.  When I woke in the mornings my back was incredibly sore.  After working with Carol I can now wake up pain free.  I am able to do different strength exercises which help me to stay strong and pain free.  I have learnt good posture and how to manage any pain with the tools Carol has taught me.  Carol was able to get me back into Netball, which I’d had to stop playing.  I love working with Carol and enjoy the one on one contact/training with her.
Amy Prendergast (16)

Quote markQuote mark 2When my daughter first went to Carol she was in pain most of the day and was limited to what sports she could play.   With Carols guidance and patience she has learnt to overcome the pain, by using techniques that Carol has taught her and she is now physically fit and able to participate in any form of exercise.  Carol relates well with all ages and is such a positive, caring person that always encourages her clients.  Our family owes her a great deal!
Lisa Prendergast (Mum)

Quote markQuote mark 2I went along to the Bump Postnatal Class (Core Restore Program) yesterday, which is part of the Upper Hutt Activation’s Parks and Places program and it was fantastic!!! ….The instructor, Carol, is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Posted on Play Group Upper Hutt Facebook page, Feburary 2014

Quote markQuote mark 2 I came to Carol after 18 months of various treatments that were not successful. It wasn’t until I came to Carol that I started to see a dramatic and positive change in my body. I have regained a lot of flexibility and am able to dance a lot better without being in pain. I’m still seeing big changes every session and I have 100% confidence that Carol will solve this problem for me.
Member of World Hip Hop Champions 2013 – Infinite

Quote markQuote mark 2 I have been training with Carol for a few months now. I have noticed a big improvement in this time. My Arthritis had stopped me doing a lot of everyday things. I had difficulty getting up and down from being seated and mobility issues, walking with a stick was the norm. I no longer require my stick and am walking a lot straighter. My inflammation levels have come right down which has enabled me to cut back on my medication. Carol has bean great to work with and I would recommend her to anyone in the same situation. I still have awhile to go before I get my mobility back to what it should be but am now confident that I’m going to get there.
Donna Williamson – Severe Arthritis Sufferer