About CP Movement

CP Movement is owned and operated by Carol Pirika. CP Movement operates from two locations in Upper Hutt – The CP Movement Studio, Birchville and The Exercise Studio, Queen Street.

When you decide to make the change, we have a chat so we can best understand what you wish to achieve. Looking at what you can do in your current movement, we develop a plan with you to improve the areas you wish to address. We provide face to face sessions for the first stages of your journey with us, to enable you to understand how YOU move and how it should feel for YOU during movement. With your new found confident movement, you can work independently in a chosen activity, at home, your current gym or use the facilities at The Exercise Studio. Providing guidance when it is needed, you will feel in control, stable, strong and pain free. Tools to reduce swelling, inflammation and promote tissue recovery and regeneration provide your body with the freedom to move without restriction, and of course, there is always laughter no matter the location! Having fun is an absolute priority!