Many of you may not know the hormonal troubles I experienced in my early twenties.  I became highly stressed as a result of work and lifestyle choices, which resulted in me suffering from adrenal fatigue.

Working with a personal trainer (Steve Leishman), who identified the issue and referred me onto a naturopath.  I began the journey to understand how food choices, stress levels, poor sleep and poor hydration can grossly affect the hormones within your body.  Recovering from this took time, but I would consider myself to be a much happier, well balanced person as a result!

That was almost 12 years ago. I was working in the corporate world and could then see identifying factors in other females working around me.  High stress, poor food, poor sleep and poor hydration was creating issues for friends in the form of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, difficulty conceiving or just manifesting through anxiety and depression.

In a bold move, I decided to change careers to pursue my passion in helping others to understand how their body actually worked, and how they too could change their lives for the better!

The Female Hormone Solution

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with people like Donal Carr (one of the speakers in this series), and I strongly encourage you to at least watch the trailer for this online conference.

The online conference is free and runs from February 1st to February 10th!  If lack of energy, weight gain, acne, depression, anxiety or just plain old feeling crap is playing on your mind….watch this!  Trust me, you are not the only person suffering, and some really simple easy changes to your lifestyle will change your health, your mindset and your body shape!